Everything You Need To Know About Hiring a Lamborghini

Feeling adventurous for the day and wish to pump that adrenaline up? Then hiring a Lamborghini allows you to have that intense feeling that you love so much. Contact us.

Experience one of the latest models from Lamborghini

The Lamborghini Huracan is simply a blast to drive; it’s exciting to try a new car out on the roads, especially one with this amount of horse power.

This has been designed to handle sharp corners almost perfectly and can reach maximum speeds in just a matter of seconds. You can enjoy this car with the safest equipment fitted in so it means a driving adventure that is thrilling, yet safe.

Impress those that you zoom by with a vehicle that has the power to WOW pedestrians anywhere you are in the UK. Venture to any location of your desire as this car has the power to take on any location with absolute ease and determination. People tend to choose this car over others specifically because of the outstanding performance and aesthetic appeal that has been shown with the Huracan. Find out more.

Other models from the beautifully presented brand include:

Aventador SV Roadster

The Aventador combines Lamborghini’s most sports orientated car with the thrills of an open topped car. The exterior design is the same as the coupe model, however there were a few changes to allow the roof to detach and open up. It has been created with even more power than the previous model and a lighter design with better handing.

Gallardo LP 560-4

This model was first displayed at the Paris Motor Show in 2012 – it featured a new design with a permanent four wheel drive. It was fitted with a front fascia that is sharper with triangular shapes to give that ‘transformer’ look.


The Veneno has been based off of the Aventador, but with some improvements. It has enhanced aerodynamics so downforce is increased. With a engine size of 6.5 litres, you can already tell the amount of immense power that is provided. Many people say it is a car that suits a racing track compared to on the roads. See: History of Lamborghini.

A Sports Car Alternative

Despite how thrilling Lamborghini’s are, Ferrari’s can offer you even more excitement – you can feel like the biggest celebrity in town through renting a car.

The Ferrari California has the muscle power of a sports car, yet still incorporates the elegance of some of the most luxurious cars on the market. The past 60 years, Ferrari has impressed millions with their massive range of models and the California definitely doesn’t disappoint. Hire today from £895. More information.